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Exede Plan Selector Tool
Use this convenient tool to quickly determine how
much Internet data your family uses each month.
Recommended Plan:

10 GB Plan  15 GB Plan  25 GB Plan
Your estimated monthly usage = 0 GB

Web Browsing
Number of hours surfing per day.
Number of emails sent per day.
Social Media
Number of hours per week.
Number of files downloaded per week.
File Downloads
Number of files downloaded per week.
Streaming Music
Number of hours per day.
Streaming Video
Number of minutes streaming per week.
Video Chat
Number of minutes per week.
Movies & TV (SD)
Number of hours watched per month.
Movies & TV (HD)
Number of hours watched per month.
How it works

Use the sliders to set the appropriate numbers indicating how much of a particular activity you might do in a day, week or month. The tool will display your estimated monthly usage along with the recommended Exede plan tailored to your needs.

Please note: This tool is for estimation only. Actual use will vary.

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