WWest Communications Long Distance

West Communications is now authorized to be your preferred Long Distance Provider!

To better serve our customers we are offering two different rate options, outlined below. With WWest Communications Long Distance you have the pleasure of having everything appear on one bill as well as having local customer service with people you already know. For more information, or to sign up today, call us at (360) 465-2211.

Anywhere, Anytime, USA
Want an option that is simple and has no hidden fees? This plan has a flat rate for any phone call to anywhere in the United States (excluding Alaska and Hawaii)*, with no minimums or additional monthly fees. No matter who you call or when you call, you pay only 12 cents a minute.

Sensible Cents
If you make lots of long distance phone calls and want to save more, the Sensible Cents plan is for you. There is a $4.95 monthly recurring charge, and you pay only 7 cents a minute for interstate calls (excluding Alaska and Hawaii)* and 9 cents a minute for intrastate calls.

800 Number Service
For customers who want their own 800 number, Inbound 800 service is available with two different plan options. The Anywhere, Anytime, USA plan runs at 12 cents per minute with a $1.50 monthly recurring fee, while the Sensible Cents plan runs at 7 cents a minute for interstate calls* and 9 cents a minute for intrastate calls and a $1.50 monthly recurring fee.

*Other rates are 20 cents a minute for Alaska and 18 cents a minute for Hawaii.

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